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Veteran’s Benefits Assistance in Palm Springs California

When a loved one reaches a certain age, making decisions about long-term care can be very frustrating for a family. Finding adequate care is difficult enough but determining how to pay for it can become a huge burden for a family. The professionals at the California Elder Law Center have dedicated their practice to helping seniors and their families find the care they need and the resources to pay for it. What some may not realize is that there are benefits available for those who served in the military. Our attorneys have many years of experience in finding these benefits to aid clients in financing long-term care.

Who is Eligible in California for VA Benefits?

When faced with a long-term care situation, one of the biggest concerns in the financial ability to pay for that care. Families do not need to go bankrupt and lose their homes when faced with the care of an elderly family member. The California Elder Law Center has over two decades of experience in assisting clients with finding funds to help cover the costs of long-term care. If the elderly family member in question served in the military, he or she is eligible for benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). These benefits were earned through military service and individuals should take full advantage of any and all programs available.

Veteran’s Benefits

The benefits that are available to eligible veteran seniors fall into three different categories. There are typical health services available at a VA hospital. Seniors that need medical care or treatment for a certain condition can utilize those services. There is also service-related disability compensation available for those who suffered a disability that is directly related to their military service. The third category can help pay for in-home care or other services including nursing homes.

Veterans Aid and Attendance

The California Elder Law Center can help families with that third category of veteran’s benefits. There is a program available called the Veteran’s Benefit of Aid and Attendance. If your elderly relative served in the military during a time of war, he or she may be eligible to receive these aid and attendance benefits. These benefits can be used to help offset and cover the costs of long-term care. They can be used for in-home care, for assisted living, or for the costs associated with a retirement community or nursing home. There are eligibility requirements and our attorneys can help clients to determine if they qualify and help them through the process.

Qualifying for Aid and Attendance

To be eligible for this program, your elderly loved one must have served during wartime for a minimum of 90 days with at least one day during war. Even if the service was outside of a war zone, it is acceptable. The veteran must require some form of regular assistance that is certified by a physician. There are income requirements as well. If your recurring medical expenses and income are less than the maximum benefit and your assets are under $80,000, you will qualify.

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