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Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefits Palm Springs California

There are many military veterans who are completely unaware that they are entitled to benefits that can help them pay for long-term care. The professionals at the California Elder Law Center are dedicated to serving the needs of families and their elderly loved ones. The process of locating of high quality care and the financing of that care can be overwhelming. Our staff has spent over two decades dealing with clients’ long-term care situations and has built a solid reputation in the industry. The firm can help families through the process of qualifying and acquiring military benefits.

Different Types of Veterans Benefits

There are a few different types of veterans’ benefits available to those who served in the military. Veterans are able to utilize the medical services and treatment facilities at area Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals. Any military veteran who suffered a disability that was directly related to his or her service is eligible for disability compensation. Monetary payments are made to the disabled veteran and can defray some medical costs. The final type of benefit payment available can help directly with long-term care for aging veterans.

Do I Qualify for Veterans Aid and Attendance?

To be eligible, one must have served in the military for at least 90 days. One of those days must have been during wartime. Whether or not the veteran was in a war zone does not matter as long as he or she served the required number of days and it was during a period of war. The veteran must also require some sort of regular assistance as certified by a physician. The assistance can be for physical or mental reasons. Finally, the California Elder Law Center can help veterans and their families determine if their assets and income are eligible. If income and any recurring medical expenses are less than the maximum benefit paid by the program, then income qualifies. To be eligible, one must have less than $80,000 in assets.

How Aid and Attendance Benefits Can Be Used

Aid and attendance benefits are in place to help veterans and their families with the rising costs of long-term care. Benefits can be used in a variety of ways and can help an elderly loved one through the continuum of care. Aid and attendance benefits can pay for in-home care or for assisted living. They may also be used to pay for living in a retirement community or for the services of a nursing home. As your loved one gets older and passes through the continuum of care, the costs of such care will increase. Allowing the professionals at the California Elder Law Center help you in obtaining these benefits can help you from falling victim to the financial burden caring for your loved one.

Other Benefits

With over twenty years of experience in elder law, the attorneys at the California Elder Law Center can assist not only with the acquisition of veterans benefits, but also in obtaining other benefits through Medi-Cal and Medicare. Medi-Cal is the California version of Medicaid and Medicare, of course, is the federally funded health insurance system for those aged 65 and over.

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