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The team at the California Elder Law Center is committed to helping seniors and their families find the best long-term that is available for them. The attorneys are also very experienced in finding resources to assist families with paying for such long-term care. There are several programs in existence to help with the costs of long-term care and the professionals at our firm have a wealth of experience in dealing with them. The federal Medicare system exists to help seniors as they grow older. Understanding Medicare can help families with expenses as their loved ones make their way through the continuum of care.

The Continuum of Care

With two decades of experience in dealing with seniors and their long-term care needs, the attorneys at the California Elder Law Center understand that as we age the level of care that we will require is going to change. For a family who is considering care for an elderly loved one, the care that is required may be a home health aide who helps with basic household chores while checking up on the individual’s health. As that person ages, he or she may need more extensive care, eventually needing the services of a nursing home with a full-time medical staff. This is the continuum of care and our attorneys can help determine where a client is on that continuum and find quality care.

What is Medi-Cal?

Medi-Cal is California’s own system of health insurance for lower-income families. In other states, this system is called Medicaid. Medi-Cal has funds available which can help individuals and families meet the costs of caring for their elderly family members. The system has a pretty extensive application process and the professionals at the California Elder Law Center have years of experience working with the Medi-Cal initiative. Our attorneys can quickly determine if you qualify and help in the completion of the application. Any mistakes made during the application process can delay benefits. Medi-Cal differs from Medicare, which is a federally funded health insurance program.

What is Medicare?

Medicare, as stated, is a program that provides health insurance for those who are aged 65 and over. Medicare does not help families pay for any type of long-term care; however, it is a very beneficial program for seniors as they age. Medicare benefits can help with typical medical costs and prescriptions. Understanding how to utilize both Medicare and Medi-Cal is something that the attorneys at the California Elder Law Center do extensively. Both programs can be put to use to help ease the financial strain of having an elderly relative in long-term care.

Many Years of Experience

For over twenty years, the California Elder Law Center has been helping families protect their assets and fund long-term care for themselves and their family members. Attorney Michael J. McGuire is well known throughout the area as a strong advocate for seniors. His radio show “Elder Answers” discusses the issues that affect seniors the most – finances and long-term care. He is also a speaker at several area senior functions and offers advice on long-term care options and financing.

Contact Our Southern California Elder Law Attorneys

When the day comes when you need assistance for yourself or a family member, contact the attorneys at the California Elder Law Center. Our professionals can help you navigate through the Medi-Cal and Medicare systems and help you with the financial planning necessary for long-term care. Call us today at:(760) 422-0404. For any other inquiries, you may also fill out the contact form on our website.



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