Medi-Cal Qualifications

Medi-Cal Qualifications Palm Desert

The California Elder Law Center helps all of its clients secure the funds necessary to pay for long-term care. Some clients will be eligible for Medi-Cal benefits that will help offset or cover long-term care expenses. Our attorneys have years of experience in guiding clients through the Medi-Cal qualification process. In fact, the California Elder Law Center has developed the Three-Step Process© specifically to serve the needs of seniors and their families accessing IMMEDIATE help with a stay in a nursing home!

What Is Medi-Cal?

Medi-Cal is the state of California’s version of the Medicaid program that is available in other states. The goal of Medi-Cal, among many other things, is to ensure that a middle-class family that does not have the INCOME to pay for a catastrophic illness will nonetheless be entitled to quality care in a nursing home. There are many myths about Medi-Cal and nursing homes…you get the fact from experts first, then consider your options. You will be able to keep every penny of your life’s savings…that’s right, everything! You will be able to keep your home and legally avoid any liens, EVER! You will be allowed to keep your retirement plans, no matter how much in the way of assets they hold. If you are in a nursing home, you can access benefit right now, today! The Three-Step Process© is designed to explain the process to you, show you whether or not you are eligible, if you are qualified and then most importantly, how to access over $90,000 per year in Long-Term Care benefits in a nursing home. Let the experts walk you through a free workshop, provide you with free materials to reference when you get home, provide you a free evaluation that determines your eligibility while you can ask your questions of an elder law attorney. Keep your home safe from liens, legally…keep your savings safe, legally…start your benefits today, stop writing checks needlessly.

Dealing with Medi-Cal is not easy…in fact, it is often very hostile, government employees determined to keep you from your entitlements, sad to say. The California Elder Law Center recently defeated the Department of Health Care Services in a significant defense of a families’’ rights. The family came to the California Elder Law center after the fact and yet the family walked away with no loss of any kind. Had they come to the California Elder Law center initially, they would not have been involved in a lawsuit in the first place. Don’t let this happen to you by depending on non-professional advice or advice from individuals that lack the experience to handle your case or are more focused on a commission than your family’s well-being. This time, it worked out for the family. Next time, they may not find the California Elder Law Center and lose everything they have worked so hard for over a lifetime.

Who is Attorneys Michael J. McGuire?

As the president of the California Elder Law Center, Michael J. McGuire has built a reputation for excellence in the service of seniors. For more than two decades, attorney McGuire has been helping individuals and families through the process obtaining and securing quality care for elderly relatives. He is experienced and takes pride in providing a much needed service to the community. He speaks to senior organizations on a range of issues that affect the aging population. Mr. McGuire also hosts his own weekly radio show, “Elder Answers,” on KPSI 920AM, KWXY 1340AM and KXPS 1200AM MoneyTalk Radio covering the Coachella Valley and proving insights and help understanding a senior’s rights to access quality Long-term care and not go broke doing it! A veteran, accredited by the VA and a recognized public speaker around the country on the issues of seniors, McGuire has based his career on helping seniors and their families by educating them for free.

Helping Seniors and Families Feel at Ease

When the time comes to discuss a long-term care situation, you will want to deal with professionals who understand the business and who are compassionate and truly care about their clients. The attorneys at the California Elder Law Center have dedicated their practice to helping seniors and their families obtain the best possible care. Our professionals also help aid families with their finances and are able to assist with the securing of resources that can cover the costs of long-term care.

Contact Us for a Reservation to a Free Workshop, Free Materials, a Free Evaluation!

If you or a loved one has concerns about long-term care, questions, about financing, or are curious about whether or not you can qualify for Medi-Cal or VA, feel free to contact our offices at 760-422-0404. You may also fill out our online form here. California Elder Law Center has an offices in Long Beach and Palm Desert, serving the Coachella Valley. We are here to help you get the answers you need!



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