Long-Term Care

Long-Term Elder Care in Palm Desert

There will come a time when you realize that an elderly relative will need some type of long-term care. When that time comes, there will be many questions, the biggest being related to how to afford the care. The professional attorneys at the California Elder Law Center have dedicated themselves to helping families secure that care and do so affordably.

Determining The Type of Long-Term Elder Care

With years of experience in elder law, the California Elder Law Center can help a family determine what type of care is needed. Each situation is different and seniors will need different levels of care. For example, some may need to be attended to at all times while others can live independently with minimal supervision.

Paying for Care You or Your Loved One’s Needs

The California Elder Law Center understands that its clients are worried most about paying for any type of care. Having been involved in elder care for so many years, we are well connected to the area’s long-term care providers. We can provide our clients with the best advice addressing each individual’s situation. Our attorneys will help clients secure the best available care and help to find the resources to pay for that care. There are benefits available through the Medi-Cal and Medicare programs as well as resources available for veterans.

What Type of Care Should You Choose?

There are a variety of levels of care available and the attorneys at the California Elder Law Center can help families determine which is best for their elderly loved one. Those in more serious situations may need board and care, which is a residential living environment but it is limited to just six seniors. Some may need the care of a nursing home. Those needing full-time medical attention will find a nursing home the best option. Many seniors are able to continue living independently in their homes and require minimal care. Our attorneys can help a family arrange for care at home, where the elderly loved one is visited by a home health care assistant who helps with basic chores around the house and monitors health. Others may fit into a retirement community or some type of assisted living facility, where they live in a senior community without the medical care of a nursing home.

Finding Solutions That Work for You

At the California Elder Law Center, we are determined to help our clients find solutions to their Long-Term Care needs. Care is essential to the quality of life of our clients’ loved ones and, therefore, is very important to us. The major concern of seniors and their families is the affordability of such care. The attorneys at our firm understand that concern and equipped to help you find a solution. Our attorneys are connected to the area’s long-term care community and can assist clients in finding a great facility. Not only can they help with finding high-quality care, but they are also competent in finding the financial means to pay for it.

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