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Every year millions of American families discover a loved one has passed away and they are faced with tens of thousands of dollars in fees as a result of having to use the PROBATE system to settle an estate.

Even more disappointing, they discover with a little bit of planning, with a few documents, they could avoid the entire PROBATE process and use those fees to educate a grandchild, help a family member needing a little help, anything but spend tens of thousands of dollars for nothing!

The California Elder Law Center has specialized for years in helping families avoid the unbelievable costs of PROBATE, avoid the waste of time, often anywhere from a year to two years before anything gets done and the intrusion into their privacy (the PROBATE process is a public record! Any con artist can get all the information from the court house just for the asking!

Using a Living Trust will accomplish the following for you and your family:

  1. AVOID PROBATE…why waste thousands and thousands of dollars on court costs, required fees and paying attorneys when you don’t have to!
  2. Distribution…make sure your money goes to who you want, when you want…without a will or a trust, the State of California takes over your estate and dictates to your family how things get distributed!
  3. Protect a troubled loved one, a minor, a family member that needs guidance, even when you’re not here to provide it…every day, trusts are set up and administered for the benefit of your family, not the courts or the attorneys.
  4. AVOID federal estate taxes…exemptions vary, controlled by Congress…be comfortable in getting out from under the “DEATH TAX’ just like rich people, saving over $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 from ever getting taxed a penny!
  5. Create a safety net that opens the door for benefits that will; provide over $90,000 a year in Long-Term Care benefits from Medi-Cal or the Veterans Administration to help pay for care at home, in an assisted living or a nursing home, legally protect every penny of your savings and shield your house from ever being exposed to a lien, legally, permanently!

You need a firm that knows the ins and outs of PROBATE, MEDI-CAL and the VA to be safe and protected. Act now; call for an appointment or to get access to quality information to protect your savings, your house and most of all, your loved ones! The California Elder Law center can help your family AVOID PROBATE, get MEDI-CAL to pay for all or some of a stay in a nursing home and access over $24,000 per year from the VA to paid for a loved one’s Aid &Attendance at home of in an assisted living, including a vet’s spouse!

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